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Glass protective film - An essential for your toolbox

No matter how experienced you consider yourself at painting, construction, sanding or other DIY tasks, everybody makes mistakes. Whether you are planning to carry out some work around your own home, or you work in construction or decoration, you may want to consider purchasing some multi-purpose glass protection film to save windows and surfaces from paint, dirt and scratches. Find out why glass protective film is an essential in any toolbox.

Those in the construction or decoration industries are perhaps all too familiar with the crushing feeling of damaging a newly-installed surface or window, and home DIY enthusiasts have been known to fall foul from a stray paint drop, too. Paint, varnish, dirt, ink, pastes and glues can easily leave irremovable marks on surfaces, as can scratches from construction debris, sanding or tools. These mistakes are easy to make, even when carrying minor decorating or DIY tasks.

This is why it is important to invest a very small amount of money and time in surface protection tapes, such as glass protective film. Modern glass protective film can be stuck on in seconds and offers effective temporary Window protection during decoration. The low-tack tape will peel off just as quickly afterwards, leaving no messy residue and revealing a spotless surface. It is ideal when painting, sanding or varnishing window frames or adjoining walls, or to offer protection when ceilings are being painted. It also eliminates the need to spend a long time using a tiny paint brush to paint or varnish the edges of window frames. Paint with confidence and speed, knowing that your throwaway waterproof glass protection tape will take the mess instead of the glass.

But glass protective films aren’t just for window protection. If you are concerned about buying a roll when you only need to protect one or two windows, it might be worth bearing in mind that these multi-purpose surface protection tapes are ideal for materials other than glass too. As well as glass in windows, picture frames and mirrors, you can use glass protection tape on any type of kitchen worktops (including granite, laminate, marble, acrylic and quartz), various materials of cupboards, cabinets and metals, all around the house. The tape can be cut to size with a utility knife or scissors, so although they tend to come in wide rolls for quicker application to large surface areas, they can be cut to protect small features such as light switches, plug sockets and taps too.

The self-adhering green polythene glass protective film is also useful during transportation. Pictures, mirrors, furniture and fittings can be protected from scratches and damage when being moved, or things around them are being moved. For those working in the construction, plumbing, electrician and decoration trades glass protection tapes are a regularly used invaluable resource. Some tapes have UV resistance for up to 6 months, so can be used to prevent the sun from fading materials when used as window protection.

Glass protective film is available online in a choice of lengths, and can be purchased individually or in money-saving multi-packs. The roll which you purchase should be reverse-bound for easy and smooth application, simply stick a small part of the tape onto the desired surface and roll the tape down.

A glass protective film is an essential safety measure for any toolbox. After all, even the most experienced tradesmen occasionally make mistakes!

Sticky Products sell a range of protective films and tapes which are ideal for use during decoration and construction. Available in single or multi save packs, their glass protection films, carpet protection tapes and surface protection films are designed to provide quick and easy temporary protection from liquids, scratches, dust and dirt.


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